Friday, July 15, 2011


From a fictional future to the far-distant past...
...we present a never-reprinted tale about a legendary battle in 1393, written and illustrated in 1970!
While it's an exciting tale, like most dramatic retellings, it ain't exactly how it happened.
In reality, Shah Mansur's small force was able to break through the middle of Tamerlane's army, and then charge straight at Tamerlane, possibly coming close enough to exchange blows with him. Unfortunately for Shah Mansur, the rest of his troops didn't do as well, and he was forced away from Tamerlane, lest he be captured in a pincer movement.
During his retreat, Mansur was caught by a detachment led by Tamerlane's son Shah Rukh, and beheaded during the fight!
This story originally appeared, not in a war comic, but as a backup in the sci-fi series Flash Gordon #18!
And, it features the first comics work of an artist who would become famous for his artwork on retro-style projects like The Shadow, Metropolis, and StarStruck...Michael W Kaluta!
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  1. I never tired in reading a retelling of this battle with tamerlane. whether the teller be Harold lamb, Robert e. howard, cothburn O'Neal or whoever. timur was the George s. patton of his day. and so nice to view so rich artwork.