Friday, July 29, 2011


We go from a superhero created for WWII to the actor best-known for winning WWII!
In the movies. John Wayne fought in WWII, Vietnam, even the Battle of the Alamo...but not in Korea!
(Jet Pilot is a Cold War movie involving Russians. No Koreans or scenes set in Korea.)
Comic books were a different matter...
You'll note that Wayne is referred to as "John Wayne", not "John Wayne as Sgt Stryker" or some other character he played in movies or a totally-new character!
One of the conceits of this 31-issue series, John Wayne Adventure Comics, was that Wayne was always himself in the stories, no matter where or when they were set!
Stories ran the gamut from Wayne in the French Foreign Legion to putting out oil-rig fires to big-game hunting in Africa to tracking spies in Hong Kong, with at least one Western-themed story every issue.
Oddly enough, though there are numerous comic adaptations of Wayne's Western movies, and even a comic based on The Conqueror (where he portrayed Genghis Khan), there are no comics adapting any of his many war movies!
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