Friday, August 19, 2011

AIR WAR STORIES "One Was Doomed"

We go from a potential near future (the 1960s as seen in 1952) to World War I...
...with a tale of brave men flying the deadly skies against a real German super-weapon!
Zeppelins were used as long-range bombers against England in the first World War, with very limited success.
While the art on this story is not officially-credited, it's believed to be the work of Sam Glanzman, who did a lot of military-themed comics work for Dell, Charlton, and DC.
His best-known military comics work are the autobiographical graphic novels A Sailor's Story and A Sailor's Story Book II: Wind, Dreams & Dragons, about his WWII service on the destroyer U.S.S. Stevens.
It's interesting to note that there are numerous comic strips in England about World War I, but very few here in the US!
The only ongoing American strips were Enemy Ace and Balloon Buster, both from DC Comics.
Marvel tried to get a series going with Phantom Eagle, but it never got past the tryout stage.
And all of them were aviation-themed series!
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