Friday, August 26, 2011

FOXHOLE "Booby Trap"

From the skies of World War I to the muddy roads of Korea... a taut tale of lessons learned the hard way, penciled by the legendary Jack Kirby.
From FoxHole #2 (1954), a comic produced by writers and artists who had served in the military.
They usually put their names and ranks on the splash panels of the stories.
(The book's subhead read "This is WAR as seen by the Guys Who Do the Fighting!")
Jack Kirby, as the book's co-publisher, primary plotter, and layout artist didn't sign his name on the stories even though he served in the Army as a scout, sneaking behind enemy lines and creating sketches and maps of enemy-held areas.
He also did the cover at left.

Unlike most Korean War-era comics, this was not a gung-ho, kick-ass title, but one that took a hard-edged look at the heavy cost of war to the participants.

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