Saturday, September 3, 2011

WORLD WAR III "Unleashed" Conclusion

In the Summer of 1960, the Soviet Union launched a devastating sneak attack on the United States...
Oddly, this series presented a similar series of events to the first issue of Atomic War, but in a slightly-different time-frame, and a different order!
There were no cross-overs and technology and certain events were very different in the two titles.
BTW, Atomic War! came first, in November, 1952, following in December, then going bi-monthly in February and April, 1953.
World War III ran in March and May of 1953, the months Atomic War! wasn't published, giving kids of the era a monthly fix of future fun!
In mid-1953 most of the Ace Publishing comic line, except for romance and war books (WWII & Korea, not future), and one horror title, were cancelled.
The remainder died when the publisher dropped comics altogether in 1956, concentrating on science fiction/fantasy paperbacks until the company was purchased by Grosset & Dunlap in 1972, and is now a highly-successful division of Penguin Publishing Group.
Story by Robert Turner, who wrote all the tales in both issues of World War III.
Illustrated by Ken Rice.
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