Friday, October 21, 2011

SPACEBUSTERS "Empress of Belzar"

From the haunted skies of World War II to "Space, the Final Frontier"...
SpaceBusters was a war comic set in the future.
Think of it as a less-sophisticated version of Starship Troopers, sorta "Sgt Fury or Sgt Rock in Space" with "spacebusters" being slang for front-line soldiers, much like "dogface" or "leatherneck"!
Interestingly, it featured a woman (albeit noncombatant) as part of the front-line team.
As to the plot...Belzar has invaded our Solar System, managing to conquer Mars, with Earth next in line.
However, Earth's military is about to launch a counter-attack...
The art for this tale was by Bernie Krigstein, who went on to do astounding work at EC Comics before leaving the business for commercial art and teaching at New York's High School of Art & Design.
All three stories in SpaceBusters #1 take place on Mars.
We'll be posting the other two over the weekend.
Don't miss them!
Until next time...

which also features SpaceMan Jet!
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