Friday, December 9, 2011

UNCLE SAM "Ruthless Invaders"

Six months before Pearl Harbor, this comic book story predicted the event... National Comics #18, cover-dated December 1941!
Remember that comic books used to be cover-dated 2-4 months before the actual on-sale date, and that the actual production time for a comic is anywhere between 1-3 months!
So this comic was on sale in September or October of 1941, and the story was written by Will Eisner and drawn by Lou Fine sometime between May and August of that same year!
Eerie, eh?
Note: they didn't get some of the details quite right...
Guam is hit at the same time as Pearl Harbor.
This one is weirdly close to reality!
Guam was attacked and conquered the very next day, Dec 8th!
Aircraft bomb Guam and battleships shell Pearl Harbor.
In reality, aircraft bombed Pearl Harbor and battleships shelled Guam just before it was invaded!
A German invasion fleet heads for New England!
Plus, the attacks on Pearl Harbor and Guam were part of a coordinated plan by Japan and Germany!
In reality, Germany had no such trans-Atlantic fleet available.
Hell, they couldn't even invade England, only 35 miles away from Axis-occupied France across the English Channel at it's closest point!
And, the Germans were less than happy to discover they now had to deal with America, along with England and Russia!
Hitler had hoped to keep the US out of the war for at least another year.
However the Nazis did honor their pact with Japan and declared war on the USA less than a week after Pearl Harbor.
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