Friday, January 27, 2012

"How to Bring Up the G.I. Baby"

Comic books were extremely popular with members of our armed forces during WWII... the publishers of the non-fiction title Picture News in Color and Action hoped they'd continue reading comics when they returned home!
This short from Picture News #6 (1946) was actually the second entry in this DIY series.
Regrettably, both writer and artist are unknown.
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Friday, January 20, 2012


Aviators were popular in WWII comics.
Blackhawk...AirBoy...Captain Midnight...
Then, there were these guys from Eagle Comics #2 (1945), probably the first aviators in comics to fight in two World Wars!
Regrettably, there was no next issue of Eagle Comics.
BTW, you notice that the Aces are now toasting their victories with tea or coffee, not champagne, as they did in World War I!
Well, they are 23 years older, and they have to keep those reflexes sharp!
But, I note they can still fit into their old uniforms...

Thus, the saga of the first middle-aged flyers in comics history was cut short.
Their publisher, Rural Home, was famous for taking unused and leftover material and running it literally anywhere it would fit in their comics line, so romance tales would pop up in funny animal titles, horror stories in superhero books, etc.
Yet, no other "Lucky Aces" tales ever appeared, only this never-reprinted story, illustrated by Golden Age stalwart Rudy Palais!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

WORLD WAR III "Operation Comeback"

World War III has begun, and the US will strike back!
Damn Commies!
They'll stop at nothing!
(or so we thought in 1952)
But the US is hardly doing "nothing"...
The second story from World War III #1 (1952) shows other differences in this book's version of 1960s "future history" compared to it's companion title Atomic War!
The missile technology shown seems directly derived from German WWII V-1s and V-2s, perhaps by German scientists we kept out of Soviet hands at the end of the war.
Much is made of defense budget cuts in WWIII, while in Atomic War! we were caught off-guard, but once we began counter-attacking, we were shown to be pretty well-equipped with (then) state of the art lethal tech!
Art by Lou Cameron, writer unknown.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

BILL BATTLE "I'm the Best There Is!"

Before Sgt Fury!
Before Sgt Rock!
There was...
...the One Man Army, as he'll happily tell you, in his premiere appearance in his own title!
While the writer is unknown, the art is by Dick Dillin, who was also doing Blackhawk for Quality Comics at the time.
Sgt Bill Battle appeared, full blown, in his own title beginning in October, 1952.
In a unique touch, all four issues of his series featured photo covers of a model portraying Bill Battle in action, the only war comic to do so.
After the book was cancelled, he made several appearances in other comics, including the final issue of Master Comics, which featured Captain Marvel, Jr and cowboy star Tom Mix!
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