Friday, January 20, 2012


Aviators were popular in WWII comics.
Blackhawk...AirBoy...Captain Midnight...
Then, there were these guys from Eagle Comics #2 (1945), probably the first aviators in comics to fight in two World Wars!
Regrettably, there was no next issue of Eagle Comics.
BTW, you notice that the Aces are now toasting their victories with tea or coffee, not champagne, as they did in World War I!
Well, they are 23 years older, and they have to keep those reflexes sharp!
But, I note they can still fit into their old uniforms...

Thus, the saga of the first middle-aged flyers in comics history was cut short.
Their publisher, Rural Home, was famous for taking unused and leftover material and running it literally anywhere it would fit in their comics line, so romance tales would pop up in funny animal titles, horror stories in superhero books, etc.
Yet, no other "Lucky Aces" tales ever appeared, only this never-reprinted story, illustrated by Golden Age stalwart Rudy Palais!
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