Friday, February 17, 2012

SGT FURY & HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn!" Part 1

We usually don't run Sgt Fury or Sgt Rock stories...
...(as much as we enjoy them) but, this tale from Sgt Fury #56 (1968) combines three timely elements that make it worth breaking our own rules for...
Do Gabe and Carla escape?
Is Gabe reunited with the other Howling Commandos?
How does Reb fit into all this?
For the answers to those questions, you'll have to be here next week!

In the meantime...
Did you figure out what the three timely things we mentioned are?
You probably did, but we'll tell you anyway...
1) A plotline about racial prejudice (from an unexpected source) making it a perfect tale for a Black History Month entry.
2) Artist John Severin passed away this week.
This story showed how much his atmospheric inking added to the look of Dick Ayers' pencils.
(In addition, his vast knowledge of uniforms and weapons enabled him to enhance Ayers' artwork with dead-on accurate renderings of military clothing and hardware!)
3) Writer Gary Friedrich lost his lawsuit against Marvel Comics to gain the copyright to the 1970s character Ghost Rider, whose second feature film opens today!
(Friedrich and Ayers handled the creative chores on the first Marvel Ghost Rider series about a Western character that was published at the same time as this issue of Sgt Fury!
And, Ayers was the artist on the original Ghost Rider series at another publisher in the 1950s!
Read about it HERE!)

Until next week...

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