Monday, March 11, 2013

WAR FURY "Grim Trio"

With North Korea repealing the 60-year armistice...
...and some sort of new conflict looking more and more likely, let's look at how comic books of the 1950s presented the previous "police action" in four-color form during the war!
This story from Comic Media's War Fury #3 (1953) is typical of the period.
The emphasis is on the enemy being Communists, not Asians, as was done (sometimes to extremes) in World War II comics.
(That's not to say racial insults or ethnic stereotypes weren't occasionally used,but they weren't on the level of the extreme caricatures of cartoonish slant-eyed and buck-toothed Japanese from the previous war.)
Plus, most of the writers and artists were vets from the European and Asian theatres of war, with first-hand experience of the horrors of war less than a decade earlier.
In the case of this story, artist Don Heck had been too young to enlist (or be drafted) during WWII, but odds are the unknown writer was a vet.
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