Thursday, July 21, 2016

MARVEL SUPER-HEROES "Phantom Eagle" Part 1

As part of our annual RetroBlogs Summer Mini-Marathon...
...we're presenting the never-reprinted origin of Marvel's World War I flying ace from the anthology comic Marvel Super-Heroes #16 (1968)!
Yeah, we know it's a heck of a time to break away, but fear not, True Believer!
You'll find the pulse-pounding conclusion to this tale, along with some background about the strip at our "brother" RetroBlog Hero Histories...on Friday!
For the record, it's written by Gary Friedrich and illustrated by Herb Trimpe with some retouching by Marie Severin.
Here's a bonus to make up for not presenting the entire tale at one shot: the original art (complete with editorial notes) for several of the pages.
Note: these are almost 50 years old and were not meant to be seen in this form by the public, just photographed by the color separation company for their coloring techs to work on, so they're not "clean".
There was no "original art market" as there is today, and often these pages were lost, destroyed, or given away to family, friends, or clients after being photographed!