Wednesday, August 23, 2017

WARFRONT "Lone Tiger: Revenge of the Dragon"

Here's the final published (but never-reprinted) adventure of...
...from Harvey's WarFront #39 (1967) as the series takes a sci-fi turn!
Since the series is based on the idea Ed is the only Flying Tiger still operating in China (the rest were reassigned to the USAAF while Ed was incapacitated and presumed lost in action), what "squadron" would the imposter help destroy?
Writer Otto Binder and artist George Roussos never explain it!
While this was the final published adventure of the Lone Tiger, there was one more tale, written and illustrated for WarFront #40!
But the book was canceled as of this issue!
However, we've found scans of the original art for that never-published story scheduled for #40...and we'll be presenting it next week!
Be here...that's an order!

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