Thursday, July 19, 2012

WORLD WAR III "Jet Jammers' Jamboree"

Is there no end to Red Commie treachery?
Ironically, the Russians were ahead of us in some scientific categories (like rocketry), but not electronics!
Our German scientists were superior to their German scientists in that category! ;-)
The "ramjets" shown in this story have covered noses, which is odd, since a ramjet needs an uninterrupted air flow as it has no turbine to suck air in!
Ramjets can't move an aircraft from a standstill, and required some other propulsion system like JATO (Jet-fuel Assisted Take Off, which is actually rocket-powered) or being launched from an aircraft already in flight, to accelerate to a speed where it began to produce thrust. Ramjets required considerable forward speed to operate well, and as a class worked most efficiently at speeds around Mach 3, and could operate up to speeds of Mach 6!

Oddly, the Communists shown in this tale look Asian, despite being clearly identified in captions and word balloons as Russian!
At the time of publication, the Korean War was still going on, so it's possible that the unidentified artist simply made them Korean or, more likely, Chinese, since the North Koreans were largely-dependent upon China for arms and technology.
Plus, the map behind the Communist officers on page 2 looks like a badly-drawn version of China and the Korean peninsula.
It certainly doesn't look like the USSR!

This never-reprinted story from World War III #2 (1953) was written by Robert Turner.

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