Wednesday, December 7, 2016

COMBAT "Pearl Harbor" Conclusion

...the behind-the-scenes narrative of events leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
And now, on December 7th, 1941, at 7:55 am local time, the attack begins...
The next issue of Combat, in fact, covered what happened at Bataan...
BTW, this issue of Dell's Combat (#2) was cover-dated December 1961-January 1962, making it a 20th anniversary tribute...which we're re-presenting on the 75th anniversary!
Note that there are a lot of historical details that most presentations of Pearl Harbor tend to omit (mostly due to time or space constraints).
Artist Sam Glanzman is considered one of the best comic (or graphic novel) artists doing military comics.
His dynamic, yet meticulously-researched illustrations capture the action...and sometimes the horror of war, without glamorizing it.
It's understandable, since Glanzman is a combat veteran, having served in the Navy during WWII.
He was Dell's primary military comics artist in the 1960s, rendering almost all the stories in their anthology titles Combat (from which this tale is re-presented), World War StoriesAir War Stories, and Tales of the Green Beret.
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