Friday, May 25, 2018


In 1917, as America's Doughboys headed into battle...
When France presented the United States with the great Statue of Liberty, which stands at our gates, she little thought how powerful that symbol of her friendship would some day prove!
By its shining light we now march to her aid!

...a book of the New York Herald newspaper's editorial cartoons, entitled America's Black & White Book: One Hundred Pictured Reasons WHY WE ARE AT WAR, hit bookstores like a bombshell!
Editorial illustrator's W.A. Rogers' visceral renderings, previously seen only by NYC readers, reached a national audience already enraged by atrocities like the sinking of the Lusitania and ready to kick the Central Powers' collective ass!
The illustration above is the final piece in the book.
You can read (and/or download) the entire book from the Smithsonian's website HERE!
Remember those who served in uniform this weekend!
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