Tuesday, May 24, 2011

USA is READY! The Pre-WWII War Comic!

Beginning with Memorial Day, for the next four military or patriotic holidays (Flag Day, 4th of July, etc.), we'll be doing a 2-3 day post each of sections from this fascinating comic produced shortly before the United States entered World War II.
The book shows America's entry into the war as inevitable, and offers examples of how our men and weapons would perform against both German and Japanese forces, even if there was an invasion of North America!
Produced with the approval of the War Department, this HTF 68-page comic (most comics ran 52 pages at this point), illustrated the armed forces' state-of-the-art (as of January 1941) weapons and equipment!
It's truly amazing!

This will be in addition to our usual Friday post (unless they overlap), so you won't be left without the usual action-packed we promised to provide!

Be here Saturday, when we present the first section...ARMY!

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